Data Security

Digital equipment may be used by various companies during its lifespan. Improper handling of digital assets can result in a breach of security, especially when sensitive files and data are involved. To keep your company’s brand safe and protected, Trilogy Leasing offers a complete data security solution. At our client’s request, Trilogy can have the hard drives on all systems wiped clean.

Our three-step process is fully certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

First, returned equipment is delivered to a secure cage with access limited to essential employees only.

Next, we sanitize the hard drives on all notebooks, PCs, and servers. If we fail to clear any drive of all files, the system is destroyed.

Lastly, we provide our clients with a full report that details the sanitization process for each system in our possession. If this procedure is of interest to you or your company, please contact us and we will provide the costs and options available in more detail.


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"Trilogy makes leasing very simple for us. Once we send them an order I know it will get done quickly and efficiently. Whatever our requirements they are always accommodating. Since they are not tied to any one manufacturer we can use them over a broad range of IT and Capital equipment. This is the way to run a leasing company."

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