Many companies ask themselves this question: what happens to our leased assets after they are returned? Improper handling can result in a breach of security, especially when sensitive files and data are involved. To keep your company’s brand safe and protected, Trilogy Leasing can arrange to wipe hard drives clean and ensure complete data security. We can also coordinate the recycling effort to break down items into their elementary parts—steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. We take recycling and the health of the environment seriously, and we have our partners follow the strictest interpretations of environmentally and socially responsible practices.


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"Trilogy makes leasing very simple for us. Once we send them an order I know it will get done quickly and efficiently. Whatever our requirements they are always accommodating. Since they are not tied to any one manufacturer we can use them over a broad range of IT and Capital equipment. This is the way to run a leasing company."

- VP Finance,

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