Lease Structures

  • Technology Exchange Lease

  • Step Lease

  • Multiple Acceptance Lease

  • Deferred Payment Lease

  • Purchase Leaseback

  • Soft Cost Lease

Technology Exchange Lease

Improvements and advancements on leased products will become continuously available. A technology exchange lease will provide the ability to maintain state-of-the-art equipment, keep up with the rate of obsolescence, and avoid high upfront costs.

Step Lease

Step leases are designed to be tailored to your company’s current budget. Variable payment schedules can be created at the onset of the lease.

Multiple Acceptance Lease

This lease consolidates multiple equipment deliveries into one manageable lease. The structure works well for high volume products and/or projects which have installation dates over a longer period of time, but with the same maturity date.

Deferred Payment Lease

Facing budgetary constraints does not require waiting to commence a lease schedule. A deferred payment lease, allows the first rental payment to be delayed for an agreed upon period of time.

Purchase Leaseback

A prior purchase of equipment may be converted to a lease at any time. This activity will generate immediate capital and free your organization from the burden of ownership.

Soft Cost Lease

Non-hardware items such as software, maintenance and/or installation may be placed on a separate lease.


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