Why Lease?

Trilogy Leasing offers flexibility and helps to keep your company current in a world with rapidly advancing technology.

  • Capital Advantages

  • Financial Advantages

  • Increased Flexibility

Capital Advantages

With no cash required for acquisition and a total cost of ownership less than purchase, leasing will enable your company to conserve capital for use in other essential areas. Today, 80% of American companies lease.

Financial Advantages

Certain leases offer off-balance-sheet financing. The equipment would not appear as an asset on your company’s books. Leasing, as opposed to a straight purchase, would not require depreciation schedules or for your organization to contend with any book value issues. Your company may deduct the payments as a standard business expense.

Increased Flexibility

All businesses strive for financial flexibility. Leasing equipment will help increase cash flow and reduce many of the risks of ownership. Your company may keep equipment for any amount of time. If it is no longer useful, or if a better system becomes available, Trilogy Leasing can help. In short, leasing will help your enterprise stay at the cutting-edge of technological advances without having to incur exorbitant upfront costs.


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"Trilogy makes leasing very simple for us. Once we send them an order I know it will get done quickly and efficiently. Whatever our requirements they are always accommodating. Since they are not tied to any one manufacturer we can use them over a broad range of IT and Capital equipment. This is the way to run a leasing company."

- VP Finance,

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